Empowering Africans today to
solve the problems of tomorrow

Empowering Africans today to solve the problems of tomorrow

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Developing the future

To create a better tomorrow, we are betting on the African potential for nurturing the youth and helping the next generation to flourish in the technological advancing world.

The Project

As the world keeps changing at the same pace of technological progress, our team became more aware of the need to educate the youth with skills and knowledge so they can use technological tools, channels, and solutions to trace their futures.
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With Coding Africa, we want to build a channel based on a creative approach that can encourage kids and teens in Africa to explore tech-related fields. Our goal is to show them that there are many possibilities in technology and provide the necessary resources to explore this world as professionals powerful enough to change their environments and upgrade the narrative of their lives.
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Coding Day '22

Our launch event took place in Ghana with 200 children having their first opportunity to explore the coding world. This event was made possible with the help of our partners at Cudos, a decentralised cloud computing network that believes in the power of this initiative and donated computers to the school so students apply and practice the knowledge they learn with our courses.
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Our Roadmap

Q2 2022
  • Platform V1 Developed
  • Launch event in Accra, Ghana
  • First Round of Partnerships
  • Website Launched
Q3 2022
  • Expansion of Reach through partnering with Schools & Organisations
  • Learn to Earn functionality launch
  • App Development & Python Courses
  • Teaching Training Programme Begins
Q4 2022
  • Web Development and Javascript course launch
  • Talent Protocol Partnership Launch
  • Mentorship Programme Launch
  • Online Video Course Launch
  • Female Coding Initiative Launch
  • Further Expansion in Africa
  • Blockchain, AI & Cryptocurrency Course Launch
  • Expansion of Platform, Talent Protocol and Mentorship Programme


Currently, coding courses are available in three languages, English, Portuguese and French, so it can spark the interest of local children in different African countries, making sure that the program adapts to their needs and resonates with their culture and their surroundings. We value accessibility and simplicity, so our platform is intuitive and will soon be available in a mobile version to facilitate access and amplify the reach of Coding Africa. Children in K1 - K4 can already join the program, and our team is working to make Coding Africa available for other groups, embracing young learners from K5 to K12.
Level 1
Getting Started
3 Courses
Level 2
Block Programming
3 Courses
Level 3
The Programming World
3 Courses
Level 4
Advanced Concepts
3 Courses


Join us in our mission to promote tech literacy in Africa, we would love to hear from you. We believe that collaboration is key to getting our program to as many schools across the continent as quickly as possible. To find out more about how to get involved in the Coding Africa Program through one of our sponsorship or partnership options, please contact our team.
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